Board of Regents

Ownership, Support, Government:

The university is owned and operated by Pacific Lutheran University, Inc., a Washington corporation whose purpose is higher learning. The PLU corporation meets annually on the PLU campus to elect regents and to conduct other business. The corporation consists of 125 delegates from the six synods of Region I of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The 37-member Board of Regents includes members of ELCA congregations, representatives from the Alumni Association, at-large members, bishops from the synods of Region I, and the university president.

The policy making and governing body of the University is the Board of Regents. On the basis of recommendations made by the president, it charts a course for the university and strives to provide essential funds. The student body and the faculty have non-voting representatives who meet with the board. The installation of new Board of Regents Officers occurs each October. The Board of Regents for the Academic Year of 2014-15 will be installed in October 2014.

OFFICERS 2014-2015
Mark Knudson Chair
Brenda Morris Vice Chair
Brad Tilden Secretary
Thomas W. Krise President, PLU; Ex-Officio
Class of 2012-2015
NAME Area Represents
Linda Barbo Seattle, WA At-Large
Gayle Berg Martinsdale, MT ELCA
Edward Grogan Gig Harbor, WA ELCA
Roe Hatlen Big Fork, MT At-Large
Lisa Kittilsby Mercer Island, WA ELCA
Mark Knudson St. Paul, MN At-Large
Jon Kvinsland Gig Harbor, WA Alumni
David Peters Billings, MT ELCA
Donna Schlitt Portland, OR ELCA
Tom Eric Vraalsen Oslo, Norway At-Large
Donald Wilson Canby, OR ELCA
Class of 2013-2016
NAME TITLE Represents
Dale Benson Lake Oswego, OK ELCA
David Brauer-Rieke Portland, OR Bishop, ELCA
Andrew Finstuen Boise, ID ELCA
Darren Hamby Seattle, WA ELCA
D. Tony Hicks Scottsdale, AZ At-Large
Mack Hogans Bellevue, WA At-Large
Richard Jaech Tacoma, WA Bishop, ELCA
Lisa Korsmo Lakewood, WA ELCA
Michelle Long Katy, TX At-Large
Osamu Matsutani Anchorage, AK ELCA
Nancy Powell Gig Harbor, WA At-Large
Pam Russell San Diego, CA Alumni
Jan Ruud Tacoma, WA ELCA
Martin Wells Spokane, WA Bishop, ELCA
Class of 2014-2017
NAME TITLE Represents
Daniel Alsaker Spokane, WA ELCA
Neal Arntson Vancouver, WA ELCA
Bruce Bjerke Seattle, WA At-Large
Estelle Kelley Portland, OR At-Large
Brenda Morris Lake Tapps, WA At-Large
Jeffrey Rippey Hood River, OR At-Large
Jerry Skaga Gig Harbor, WA ELCA
Charleen Tachibana Woodinville, WA ELCA
Bradley Tilden Seattle, WA Alumni
Andrew Yee Camano Island, WA ELCA
Joanna Royce-Davis Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students
Donna Gibbs Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Lucy S. Morros Interim Vice President for Advancement
Steven P. Starkovich Provost
Sheri J. Tonn Vice President for Finance and Operations
Kevin O’Brien Religion, Faculty
Joanna Gregson Sociology, Faculty
Jill Whitman Geosciences, Faculty
Sarah Smith ASPLU President, Student
Dan Stell ASPLU Vice President, Student
Zach Blakeslee ASPLU Director of Finance, Student
Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton Bishop
Carlos E. Peña Vice President
Rev. Wm. Chris Boerger Secretary
Linda O. Norman Treasurer
Rev. Mark Wilhelm Program Director for Schools, College, and Universities