Finalizing an Offer of Admission

  • Enrollment Deposit: A $200.00 advance deposit is necessary in order to confirm an offer of admission. This deposit guarantees a place in the student body, reserves housing on campus if requested, holds financial assistance that may have been awarded, and is required before class registration. It is credited to the student’s account and is applied toward expenses of the first semester. Fall applicants offered admission before May 1 must postmark the deposit by May 1. If circumstances necessitate cancellation of enrollment and the Office of Admission is notified in writing before May 1, the $200 will be refunded. The refund date for the January term is December 1, and for Spring Semester January 1.
  • New Student Information Form: This form must be completed and submitted by all students.
  • Residential Life Information Form: This form must be completed by all students,whether or not they plan to live on campus.
  • Official Final Transcripts: All first-year applicants must submit an official final transcript to confirm satisfactory completion of their final high school term and attainment of a diploma.
  • Medical Requirement: Before actual enrollment each new student must submit a Health History Form complete with an accurate immunization record. This information must be acceptable to the PLU Health Services Office.
Returning Students

A student’s admission to the university is valid for six years. Students who do not attend the university for a period of time that includes either a Fall or Spring Semester must apply to return to the university as described below.
Students who wish to return within the six-year admission period reenter through the Student Services Center. Reentering students must provide their current address, degree information, and official transcripts from any college attended during their absence. Before registering, reentering students must resolve previous financial obligations to the university and have a current health clearance from the PLU Health Center.

  • Students who wish to return to the university after the six-year admission period expires must reapply for admission. Applicants for readmission are required to submit a completed application and official transcripts from any college attended during their absence. Application forms may be obtained from and submitted to the Office of Admission. Students who are readmitted to the university must meet the requirements of the current PLU catalog to earn a degree.
  • An academically-dismissed student may apply for reinstatement by submitting a letter of petition to the registrar. The petition is acted on by the Committee on Admission and Retention of Students. A student whose petition is approved will be reinstated on probation. Refer to the Academic Status section for a description of probation. A student whose petition is denied may apply again for reinstatement after one semester has elapsed unless informed otherwise. A dismissed student may petition for reinstatement only once per semester.
  • An academically-dismissed student may be reinstated after one semester by the Committee on Admission and Retention of Students if the student presents new evidence of potential academic success.
  • Students who have been dropped/withdrawn for academic or disciplinary reasons and then reinstated must identify a faculty member willing to act as a sponsor and advisor.