Transfer Students


Transfer students who began their higher education at other regionally-accredited colleges or universities are encouraged to apply for admission with advanced standing. Over 300 students transfer to the university each year with an average grade point in excess of 3.00 (B). Candidates must have good academic and personal standing at the institution last attended full-time. The recommended minimum grade point average to be considered for admission as a transfer student is a 2.50 cumulative grade point average in college-level work from regionally accredited institutions. In reviewing an applicant’s file, the Office of Admission examines grade point average, academic progress, essay, and recommendations. For applicants with less than sophomore standing (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours), secondary school records and standardized test scores are required. Applicants with less than sophomore standing must meet additional entrance requirements and Department of Mathematics minimum entrance requirements.

Additional Entrance Requirements for Transfer Applications Entering PLU with less than 30 Semester Hours:
  • Two years of college preparatory mathematics (exclusive of computer science) with an average grade of C or higher, or an approved course at the college level, or demonstrated equivalent proficiency.
  • Two years of college preparatory mathematics means two years of high school algebra or one year of high school algebra and one year of high school geometry. Taking the algebra and/or geometry courses in middle or junior high school is acceptable provided they are high-school-level courses.
    • If a student is admitted to PLU with a deficiency in mathematics, that deficiency is removed by completion of approved courses as determined by the PLU math placement exam.
  • Two years of one foreign language in high school, with an average grade of C or higher, or one year at the college level or demonstrated equivalent proficiency. Courses in American Sign Language may fulfill this requirement.

Transfer students with less than sophomore standing who have not satisfied one or both of these requirements may still be admitted but must make up the deficiency as an additional degree requirement.

Additional study of both mathematics and foreign language is advisable for certain areas in the arts and sciences and in some professional programs. Those who follow the above preparatory program will find most curricular offerings of the university open to them and may also qualify for advanced placement in some areas.

Students are admitted to either the fall or spring semester. Acceptance to the fall term carries permission to attend the previous summer sessions. Acceptance to the spring term carries permission to attend the previous J-Term session. The following application priority dates are recommended: Fall Semester – February 15; Spring Semester – December 15.

Mathematics Department Minimum Entrance Requirements for Transfer Students

The Office of the Registrar determines whether a student meets the minimum entrance requirements. When a transfer student with less than sophomore standing has a deficiency, after taking the Math Placement Test, the student will receive a recommendation about how to remove the deficiency based on the test results. If the test result shows that a student is qualified to take MATH 115 or a higher numbered math course at PLU, then the deficiency will be removed when the student successfully passes such a course. In addition, the student will receive Math Reasoning (MR) GenEd credit. Please be aware that credit from taking MATH 105 or MATH 107 or any non-math course which carries the MR attribute does not remove a math deficiency.

If the Math Placement Test result shows that a transfer student seeking to enter PLU with less than sophomore standing is not qualified to take MATH 115 or a higher numbered math course, the student will have to take a course at a community college to remove the deficiency in his or her minimum mathematics entrance requirement. The course content should be equivalent to or more difficult than high school algebra or geometry, and it must be approved by the Mathematics Department.


Credentials required are:

  • Formal Application: Submit the PLU Application for Admission or the Common Application online at The PLU online applications are free.
  • $40.00 Paper Application Fee: The application fee will be waived for a student who applies online. A $40 fee must accompany the paper application or be mailed separately. This nonrefundable service fee does not apply to the student’s account. Make check or money order payable to PLU Office of Admission.
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts must be submitted for all college course work. Transfer students entering with less than sophomore standing (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours) must submit an official high school transcript or equivalent. Transcripts must be sealed official copies. The university accepts the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) for those students who may not have completed a traditional high school program. Transcripts become the property of PLU and may not be returned or forwarded.
  • Recommendation: One academic recommendation must be completed. The form is included in the application packet.
  • Test Requirement: All transfer students entering with less than sophomore standing (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours) must submit scores from either the College Board, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), or the American College Test (ACT) Assessment. Registration procedures and forms are available at high school counseling offices.
  • Personal Essay: Applicants will also include one essay with their application. Choice of topics is included in the application.
  • Statement of Good Standing: The Statement of Good Standing must be submitted by the registrar or dean of students from the most recent institution attended.