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Exposure Awards Recognize Lutes

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August 17, 2015

During spring 2015, Elly Vadseth’s digital photography class introduced her to a new kind of image manipulation. She spent her semester combining nature shots with studio images using a photo collage method – the end result – a web of pictures. Now, Vadseth and Taylor Hardman ’16, both Art and Design majors at PLU, can say their works have been on view at the Louve Museum in Paris, France.

SeeMe’s Vox Populi Awards, an online photography contest for fine artists and art photographers, featured their pieces in curated books at a special reception at the Louve.

The Dreamers Collection featured Vadseth’s photo collage, “Web of Dreams,” a piece inspired by her travels in Thailand, as well as mythical culture and fairy tales.

“In this particular piece I thought about how the spider is feared by many, but also symbolizes wisdom and protection in many cultures,” Vadseth said. “I like the light and dark symbolic meanings and feel they also describe how we are humans with many layers to our personality.”

Hardman’s photos “The Light” and “Understanding” were both featured in the Portraiture Collection. The pieces came together quite differently; one was taken at a convention and the other in the studio while she was experimenting.

“I really love taking candid shots of people, because I think it shows a lot of their true personality and emotion,” Hardman said. “I’ve been incredibly honored to be chosen to have my pictures on display.”