Global Studies Course Selection

J-Term 2022  
GLST Core Courses:
ECON 101: Principles of MicroeconomicsCounts in our core as Econ 111
ECON - FYEP190: Inquiry SeminarCounts for 101 also counts in our core as Econ 111
HIST 103: Conflicts in a Modern World
GLST Electives:
GLST 287: The Sociology of James Bond (DSJ)
Spring 2022  
GLST Core Courses:
ANTH 102: Human Cultural Diversity
ANTH/GLST 210: Contemporary Global Issues
ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 111: Principles of Microeconomics: Global and Environmental
GLST Electives:
ANTH 343: East Asian Cultures (TC)
ANTH 362: Transnational Lives ( TC) required concentration course
COMA 304: Intercultural Communication (TC and IA)
GLST 331: International Relations (IA) required concentration course
GLST 387: Special Topic: Global Activism (DSJ, IA, and TC)
HISP 301: Hispanic Voices for Social Change (DSJ and TC)
HISP 321: Civilization & Culture of Spain (TC)
HISP 325: Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies (DSJ)
HIST 335: Slavery, Piracy, Dictators (DSJ and TC)
IHON 328: Social Justice (DSJ)
LTST 441:U.S. Latino/a/x Literary and Cultural Studies (TC)
NORD 363: Culture, Gender and the Wild (TC)
PHIL 229: Human Rights (DSJ)
RELI 247: Global Christian Traditions (DSJ and TC)
RELI 357: Theologies of Liberation (DSJ)
RELI 390 02: Topic: Religion, Gender, and Life on Earth (DSJ)
RELI 393: Buddhism in Asian America (TC)