The HPRB proposal form now begins with a diagnostic pre-survey (optional) that will help you and your students determine if their projects meet the federal definition of Human Subjects Research (HSR) and require HPRB approval.

The pre-survey also helps students understand what kind of review is likely: exempt, expedited, or full board. The HPRB will make a final determination once the proposal has been submitted for review.

If relevant, the pre-survey also helps students decide if their projects constitute Quality Improvement (QI), which is not considered HSR and will not need HPRB review. This affects primarily student projects in Nursing and health-related fields.

We redesigned our HPRB proposal form to minimize stipulations. The online survey format allows for branching logic questions, so there is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposal. Depending on how students respond, they may led in different directions and asked to provide different kinds of information. Some questions have been changed to a yes/no or multiple-choice format, with explanations required for only some responses. The form also students to access explanations and examples for certain questions and terms, either by hovering over the text or clicking the information button (little blue ā€œIā€) next to the item. This means that there is less text to sift through for each question and less need to rely on documents external to the form for more detailed instructions or explanations.

We hope that these changes will allow for easier completion and fewer stipulations. We invite you to send feedback if there are questions, concerns, or clarifications you would like to see addressed.