Course Descriptions

NURS 523 : Roles of the Advanced Nurse

Facilitates the development and transition into the advanced nursing roles through analysis of ethical, professional, social and practice perspectives. (2) (2 credits didactic)

NURS 524 : Advanced Health Promotion

Identification of health risks and protective strategies for diverse populations. (2) (2 credits didactic)

NURS 525 : Theoretical Foundations

Preparation for critique, evaluation, and use of a range of relevant theories that provide guiding perspectives for the provision of client-centered, clinically measurable advanced nursing practice. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 526 : Nursing Leadership and Management

Introduction to policy, organization, and financing of health care. Preparation for provision of quality cost-effective care, participation in the design and implementation of care, and assumption of the leadership role in managing resources. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 527 : Evaluation and Outcomes Research

Preparation for the critique and use of new knowledge to provide, change, and evaluate advanced nursing practice focused on client-centered, clinically demonstrable care. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 530 : Resource Management

Management of resources in the planning, coordination, and/or delivery of health care with an outcome perspective at the system level. Financial and human resources and systems management will be examined from a quality perspective. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 531 : Clinical Outcomes Management I

Direct and/or indirect care given in a defined specialty setting with focus on evaluation and outcomes. Includes clinical practicum of 120 hours. Prerequisite: NURS 523. (3) (1 credit didactic, 2 credits clinical)

NURS 532 : Clinical Outcomes Management II

Direct care or indirect clinical management, supervision, or education to achieve client goals by implementing approaches, interventions, outcomes, and evaluation method. Includes clinical of 240 hours. Prerequisite: NURS 538 (or as a corequisite). (6) (2 credits didactic, 4 credits clinical)

NURS 534 : Informatics in Nursing and Healthcare

Develop an understanding of clinical and administrative information systems in the healthcare field. The focus will be on collaborating to design and utilize information systems to make better decisions to improve patient health and organizational performance. (2) (2 credits didactic)

NURS 538 : Program Development

Integrates theoretical models, clinical parameters, and program planning principles through the construction of a detailed program for care and outcomes management education track. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 540 : Illness and Disease Management

Builds on the foundations of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health assessment and focuses on the attainment of positive clinical outcomes for a cohort or population. Includes clinical practicum of 30 hours. (2) (1.5 credits didactic, 0.5 credits clinical)

NURS 541 : Advanced Health Assessment and Health Promotion

Development and performance of the skills needed for advanced health assessment of individuals, families, or communities throughout the lifespan. Prerequisites: Basic health assessment skills. (3) (2 credits didactic and 1 credit lab)

NURS 542 : Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice

Integrates principles of advanced pathophysiology as the basis for nursing symptom assessment and management of disease processes. (2) (2 credits didactic)

NURS 544 : Advanced Nursing Management of Illness and Disease

Builds on the foundations of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health assessment and focuses on the attainment of positive clinical outcomes for a cohort or population. Includes clinical practicum of 30 hours. (4) (2 credits didactic, 2 credits clinical)

NURS 550 : Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation

Examination of the theory and practice of curriculum planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. Theoretical and philosophical principles of the teaching/learning process. Analysis of adult teaching strategies and the process of self and student evaluations. (3) (3 credits didactic)

NURS 591 : Independent Study

Opportunities for advanced study in selected topic related to student's area of interest. Consent of dean required. (1 to 4)

NURS 595 : Internship

To permit graduate students to relate theory and practice in a work situation. The title will be listed on the student term-based record as Intern: followed by the specific title designated by the instructor in consultation with the student. Repeatable for credit. (1 to 12)

NURS 596 : Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing Practice

Development and submission of professional paper or project related to one's area of specialization based on an evaluation and outcomes model. Cross-listed with NURS 599. (2) (2 credits didactic)

NURS 599 : Thesis

Faculty-guided application of the research process. May involve replication of previous study, secondary analysis of research data, an evaluation project, or an original investigation. Prerequisites: Completion of core courses, approval by School of Nursing. Minimum program requirement is four credits. Once enrolled, must continue to enroll for at least one credit each semester of the academic year until thesis is completed. Capstone course. Course may be taken more than once; this is a four-credit course; if repeated, credits may vary. (1 to 4) (1 to 4 credits didactic)