Entry-Level Pathway to the MSN


Program length: 27 months (not including pre-requisite coursework)

Program start: Summer (early June)

Pre-licensure portion: Attend classes full-time, Monday through Friday. PLU classes may be scheduled any time between 8:00am and 8:00pm.  Students must be available for clinicals anytime between 6:00am and 11:00pm.  Students in the pre-licensure portion are strongly encouraged not to work. None of the classes are online.

The post-licensure portion: Designed for the working nurse, with most students working 0.5-0.6 FTE while enrolled in this traditional, on-campus program. Classes have generally been held on one evening and one full day, plus additional hours for practicums. The exception to this has been summer and J-Term courses, as days and times vary. Class dates are subject to change from one year to the next, and none of the classes are offered online. Clinical experiences are usually during the day or evening shift, depending on preceptorship requirements (which are heavier toward the end of the program). We encourage applicants with flexible work schedules to accommodate varying class times and practicums.

Sample Curriculum

Pre-Licensure (RN-Preparation), 15 months, 56 semester credits
Summer Semester – 1st Year
NURS 305: Patho/Pharm I (4)
NURS 306: Found of Care Delivery/Health Promotion (3)
NURS 307: Health & Physical Assessment (3)
NURS 308: Clinical Practicum I (3)
NURS 309: Prof Foundations & Principles of Leadership (2)

Fall Semester – 1st Year
NURS 310: Scholarly Writing Concepts (1)
NURS 311: Patho/Pharm II (2)
NURS 314: Care of Chronic Conditions (3)
NURS 315: Psych/Mental Health (2)
NURS 316: Clinical Practicum II (5)

Spring Semester – 1st Year
NURS 401: Care of Complex Conditions (3)
NURS 402: Patho/Pharm III (2)
NURS 403: Clinical Practicum III (5)
NURS 404: Healthcare Diversity (4)
NURS 405: Informed Practice (2)

Summer Semester – 2nd Year
NURS 406: Continuity of Care (3)
NURS 407: Clinical Practicum IV (6)
NURS 483: Transition to Practice (1)
NURS 499 Capstone Project (2)

After completing the pre-licensure curriculum and upon successfully obtaining RN licensure in Washington state, students continue the Entry-Level MSN curriculum in the COM Advanced Generalist focus (see below).

Post-Licensure (MSN Core), 12 months, 31 (minimum) semester credits

Fall Semester – 2nd Year
NURS 523: Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (2)
NURS 525: Theoretical Foundations (3)
NURS 534: Informatics & Nursing Healthcare (2)
NURS 544: Advanced Nursing Management of Illness & Disease (4)

January Term – 2nd Year
NURS 541: Advanced Health Assessment & Health Promotion (3)

Spring Term – 2nd Year
NURS 526: Leadership and Management (3)
NURS 527: Evaluations and Outcomes Research (3)
NURS 531: Clinical Outcomes Management I (3)
NURS 542: Advanced Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Nursing Practice (3)

Summer Term – 2nd Year
NURS 530: Resource Management (3)
NURS 596: Scholarly Inquiry (2)

Optional *
(for students desiring to take certification exams – optional courses are not required for the MSN degree)

  • NURS 532: Clinical Outcomes Management II (6) (required for CNL)


MSN Nurse Educator Specialty Courses (additional 18 credits) (courses required to sit for CNE exam)

  • NURS 538: Program Development (3)
  • NURS 550: Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation (3)
  • NURS 595: Internship (2 to 12)