ELMSN program cost for 2014-2016 cohort

The 2014-2016, 27-month Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing program is 85 continuous semester hours from summer 2014 to summer 2016, for a total program price of $63,500.

The cost per credit is set at the following cohort rates:
$630 per credit summer 2014 to summer 2015
$875 per credit fall 2015 to spring 2016
$1200 per credit summer 2016

The MSN program tuition is based on a cohort model. Students must complete the entire program with their cohort to remain eligible for this special tuition pricing.

Additional fees may include: Books, Graduation Fee, Parking, etc.

TermCredit HoursCost
Summer, year one13$8190
Fall year one16$10080
January year one4$2520
Spring year one14$8820
Summer year two8$5040
Finish foundation courses, take NCLEX-RN
Fall year two9$7875
January year two4$3500
Spring year two9$7875
Summer year three8$9600
Grand total55 foundational credits and 30 post-licensure credits$63,500
Additional costs may include:

Pre-Requisite Coursework: Variable (must include NURS 430, Situations with Communities, 5 semester credits at PLU)
Required textbooks (estimate): $500.00-1000.00 per year
Graduation fee: $100.00
Laboratory fees (estimate): $100.00 per year
Background check fee: $15.00
Health requirement clearance: $40 initial, $10 updates
Health insurance: Variable
Professional liability insurance (estimate): $20.00