RN / B MSN C&O program cost for 2014-2016 cohort

The Master of Science in Nursing, Care and Outcomes Manager program is 33-35 continuous semester hours.

The MSN program tuition is based on a cohort model. Students must complete the entire program with their cohort to remain eligible for this special tuition pricing.

A prerequisite for the RNB to MSN program is NURS 430 Situations with Communities or the equivalent. This 5 semester credit course is best taken at PLU the spring semester prior to starting the MSN program in the summer. The cost of NURS 430 or the equivalent is not included in the MSN pricing below.

TermCredit HoursCost
Summer, year one3$8190
Fall year one9$10080
January year one4$2520
Spring year one9$8820
Summer year two8 (non-thesis) or 10 (thesis)$5040
Grand total33 (non thesis option)
35 (thesis option)
Additional costs may include:

Pre-Requisite Coursework: Variable (must include NURS 430, Situations with Communities, 5 semester credits at PLU)
Required textbooks (estimate): $500.00-1000.00 per year
Graduation fee: $100.00
Laboratory fees (estimate): $100.00 per year
Background check fee: $15.00
Health requirement clearance: $40 initial, $10 updates
Health insurance: Variable
Professional liability insurance (estimate): $20.00