RN/B Pathway to the MSN - For those with a RN License and a Non-Nursing Bachelor's Degree

This program is currently on hiatus.

Pathway:  The RN-B to MSN program is designed to allow registered nurses with a previous non-nursing bachelor’s or higher degree to earn the MSN degree; this program does not confer the BSN degree. It’s a faster, more direct way for nurses who already have a bachelor’s degree to acquire a master’s degree without first completing the BSN.

The sequence of study recognizes the academic success of the non-nursing graduate and RN licensure as groundwork for graduate study. The RN-B to MSN program is clinically and academically intensive to assure the student of adequate development in an advanced practice nursing role.

A limited number of candidates is admitted each year and admission is competitive.

Because RN-B to MSN candidates do not complete the BSN, admission is part of our Entry-Level Master’s (ELM) program and RN-B to MSN applicants must meet all admission and progression requirements set by the ELM program.

A limited cohort is admitted each year and admission is competitive.

As with the ELM program, RN-B to MSN students apply for admission into the care and outcomes manager (COM) advanced generalist program only. Enrollment in any other MSN concentration or any other focus area (for example, Clinical Nurse Leader) is neither implied nor guaranteed at the time of admission.

When space allows, RN-B to MSN students may to apply to be considered for selection into other clinical concentrations or focus areas. Students who do not apply for, or are not selected for, participation in an alternative focus area or concentration remain in the COM-Advanced Generalist MSN program. Students admitted to other concentrations or focus areas incur additional tuition and may lengthen their program of study.

Future possibilities: Students in their final year of the program are able to apply for the Post Master’s DNP program. If admitted, the DNP degree can be completed in another 2 years.