Profiles - Physics

Joseph Olson:

“My professors here at PLU were amazing and instantly acted as mentors, shaping my beliefs and values. Outside of physics, I embraced the liberal arts side of my education, gleaning the most of my non-major classes to better prepare me for my role in the larger world. PLU provided the opportunity to truly define who I am; I can’t say that I would have been so well off at another school. PLU has prepared me for the next stage in my life and I am incredibly honored to have been a part of the PLU community.”

Kelvin Adams:

“PLU offered the opportunity for me to simultaneously pursue my passion for engineering and my love for music, and I just could not turn down an opportunity like that.”

Jana Strasburg:

Physics and electrical engineering double major Jana Strasburg ’98 talks about the building blocks of innovation in this November 2017 TEDx Talk at TEDxRichland.