Assignment of Credit for Overseas Study: Documentation Required for Departmental Review

To request credit for study away, the following documents are needed:

1. School or program in which the course will be taken

2. Name, academic credentials, and universities where instructor’s degree/s were obtained [Ex: Pietro Rocca, Ph.D., University of Rome]

3. Course syllabus which needs to include the following:

  • Number of weeks in the term
  • Number of weekly meetings
  • How many hours for each meeting
  • Required readings
  • Graded assignments
  • Schedule for the term

4. All graded assignments from the course [Ex: examination, quiz, reflection paper, essay, research paper]

5. Kind of term [semester or quarter] and credit hours assigned to the course by the school or program [4/preferred, or 3]


Submitting documents does not guarantee assignment of credit.

Based upon review of documents, credit will be assigned or denied.