Department ofResidential Life

A strong sense of community and a cozy atmosphere define Ordal Hall

Contact Information

Resident Director:          Mercy Daramola

RD Contact Number:  253-535-7700

Front Desk:              253-535-7095


It is the only hall with three wings per floor. Ordal is one of two halls on campus with bay windows in most of the rooms, which are generally larger.

Ordal is home to as many as 170 residents.  It is conveniently located next to Ingram Hall, home to PLU's School of Arts and Communication, including classrooms and our two art galleries.  One special feature to Ordal is the inside balcony that opens up into the main lounge.

Ordal is unique in that there is a strong sense of community in this hall, but it's large enough so there are many people to get to know; small enough where you eventually get to know everyone in the hall.  The hall is close to the communications and art centers on campus.

Ordal Hall information

  • WiFi available throughout the building
  • Centralized study rooms are available
  • The laundry room is centralized
  • A fireplace is located in the main lounge
  • A big screen TV and games area are available to the residents
  • Annual Event: Beach Party!

Ordal Unfurnished Room Ordal Furnished room

Unfurnished Ordal Room                  Furnished Ordal Room