Department of Residential Life

New Transfer and Continuing Students

New Transfer and Returner Wings: A New Transfer & Returner Community is a wing of continuing 2nd year and older students and new transfer students. Programming in these wings centers around academic and career needs-such as picking a major, finding internships and selecting a study away program.

Transitioning to the Future/Career Preparation: Kriedler & South Halls are reserved for students who are 20 years of age or older, or who have Junior or higher class standing. These Halls promote a more independent living experience, but also support students as they transition into post-collegiate life. We’ve partnered with Career Connections to develop an educational and support structure aimed at landing your first job and life after PLU.

New Transfer and Returner Wings are located in Harstad, Hinderlie, Kriedler, Ordal, Pflueger, South, Stuen and Tingelstad Halls.