South Hall Policies

South Hall is a unique living experience in many ways.  To fully understand all policies, Residential Life strongly suggests that students fully review the South Hall Housing Guide.


Possession and/or consumption of alcohol is permitted in a South Hall apartment if all assigned residents are 21 years of age or older and have completed an alcohol education session provided by residence life staff.  Possession of an open container is prohibited in common areas and when guests are less than 21 years of age. Possession of large quantities, activities and devices facilitating or promoting excessive consumption of alcohol (including drinking games, funnels, kegs, etc.) are prohibited. Read more here: South Hall Alcohol Policy.

Cancellation Penalty Fees:

Cancellations received before April 1st (for the academic year) or before December 1st (for Spring semester) will not receive a penalty. Cancellations received on or after April 1st (for the academic year) or on or after December 1st (for Spring semester) will receive a cancellation penalty equal to a 30-day daily rate for the assigned space.  Click here to see the South Hall Cancellation Penalty Fee table.

Co-Ed Apartments:

Application to multiple bedroom units in South Hall is not restricted to same gender applicants.  Applicants must still apply with mutual requests from all proposed occupants.  As long as requests are mutual there is not designated gender ratio per apartment.

Roommate Relationship:

Residential Life will not knowingly pair individuals with a non-platonic or romantic relationship as roommates.  Reported violation of this policy will result in a referral to the University Conduct System.  Students found responsible for violating this policy may be relocated or have their South Hall contract terminated.  Cancellation penalties may apply.