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Cherish (Sophomore Student, Resident of Tingelstad, Participant in Fall 2017 Linked FYEP Writing 101 Course) “I love living in STEM House because it’s given me some of the best friends I’ve ever made in only a few short weeks. It is incredible living in a community where we all are brought together by our common interests and majors.”

About The STEM House

A Community for the Scientifically Minded.

The STEM House (in Tingelstad) is a community of students who are interested in engaging in conversations and activities about Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics. This includes both those who intend to or are majoring in a STEM-related field as well as those who just love the sciences and want to remain immersed in a culture of like-interested students. The STEM House fosters an environment of curiosity and innovation.

Great For Residents Who ...

  • enjoy studying and/or talking about Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics
  • are considering a majoring and/or a career in STEM-related fields
  • are willing to commit time to participating in community STEM-related activities

Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in The STEM House, residents will:

  • engage in out-of-the-classroom STEM-related activities that support their own curiosity and learning
  • be able to identify career opportunities in STEM-related fields and industries
  • form relationships with peers and faculty that support their learning and curiosity in STEM-related classes through increased access out of the classroom
  • be able to describe relationships between scientific inquiry and care for ourselves, our communities, and our world


Tingelstad Hall  (4 wings)

Upcoming Tingelstad Events

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Linked Course(s)

YES (for new First-Year residents)

First-year residents will be enrolled in a linked First Year Experience Program (FYEP) course on the topic of sciences. A certain number of class seats will be saved for commuter students to opt into the linked FYEP 101 sections listed below. Previous courses include:

  • GMOS: The New Green Revolution? | Neva Laurie-Berry | FYEP 101 Section 28 | MWF 11:15-12:20
  • Wonder, Curiosity, Praxis | Nathalie op de Beeck | FYEP 101 Section 10 | MWF 12:30-13:35

View the Fall 2019 Learning Community (LC) Linked FYEP 101 Courses document to read these course descriptions and learn more about LC linked courses.

STEM House residents and commuters who opt into this learning community will also co-enroll in an introductory course to one of the science disciplines (e.g., BIOL 225, CHEM 115, etc.).

Example Programs

Below are examples of programs and initiatives planned for the STEM House: If you have an idea for a program you would like to see, contact your Resident Assistant about planning it!

  • Field trips with faculty to explore career opportunities like:
    • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle
    • Microsoft
  • Field trips with faculty to explore local STEM-related experiences like:
    • A tour of the PLU Observatory
    • Trips to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
  • In-hall programs like:
    • Bridge & tower building competitions
    • Rubix Cube tournaments
    • Build-your-own mini golf course
    • Egg Drop competitions
    • Movie viewing & discussions (Hidden Figures, The Imitation Game, etc.)
  • Academic support programs like:
    • Peer tutoring sessions held in the STEM House
    • Access to resources like Periodic Tables, skeleton sets, and whiteboards
    • Access to faculty office hours held in the STEM House
    • Peer mentoring relationships between first years and returning students


For more information about this Learning Community option contact:

Zac Rakke, Community Director for Tingelstad Hall | zachary.rakke@plu.edu

Matt J. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology | smithmf@plu.edu

The Stem House is a place for curious and innovative students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics.