Emergency Preparedness/Response

PLU has developed a complete emergency response structure which will be activated in any situation which cannot be handled in a normal and customary manner. Residential Life is fortunate to have capable, trained staff living in each residence hall who will be able to respond on short notice.  However, any event falling into the emergency category will likely require the assistance and cooperation of many persons and offices.  Every residential student has a responsibility to prepare for potential emergencies.

Go to Campus Safety Emergency Programs for more information.

Personal Emergency Resources

It is recommended that each student and staff member of PLU have a personal emergency kit that is easily accessible in case of emergency. Kits can be purchased or made. Reference Emergency Supplies on the PLU Preparedness page for resources.  A partial list of items for such a kit includes:

  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Warm clothes/blankets
  • Medications, eyeglasses, etc.

Residence Hall Emergency Resources

While Residential Life has trained student and professional staff living in the residence halls, it is important that each resident take advantage of available university resources and be aware of their personal responsibility should an emergency occur.

Know what to do when you hear an Evacuation Alarm. The general direction is to go to the nearest side stairwell (emergency personnel use the center stairs), exit the building, and proceed to the Emergency Assembly Point  to check in with your hall staff.  An evacuation drill is held early in fall and spring semesters.

Know what to do in an Earthquake.  The general direction is to Drop, Cover and Hold, then evacuate the building as you would in case of an alarm.  An earthquake drill is practiced at least once during the year.

Know what to do in a Lockdown.  Announcements will be made throughout the hallways of a residence hall and signs will be posted at the main entrances informing residents that a lockdown has been instituted.  Seek shelter and stay away from windows until you are given further instruction.

Step-by-step emergency instructions

Sign Up for Emergency Text Alerts

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Contact and Updates

Local telephone systems are often overwhelmed in the aftermath of an emergency while calling out to a number at some distance from PLU (i.e. another state) is occasionally possible.  It is recommended that students set up such a system and identify a number for family and friends to call for updates.

The university will post updates regarding an emergency situation on the front page of the main PLU homepage.  We have a mutual aid agreement with a university in another state to maintain our website from their campus should our ability to do so be compromised.

In addition to Text Messages and Webpage Updates, the university may use email as a form of mass communication.  The Campus Closure Hotline (253) 535-7100 may also have information regarding the status of campus operations posted on it.