Welcome Family/Parents

We think you’ll be pleased to know that your student is moving from one caring environment to another. We are here to assist your student as they make the most of their living and learning experience.

Learning basic life skills in a supportive environment will benefit your student throughout their life.  Being surrounded by students on similar learning paths and in close proximity to library, classrooms and faculty offices also enhances their educational experience.

We look forward to partnering with you.  Feel free to contact us for advice or information. It is important that the right amount of support (from family and PLU) is available as they meet the many challenges that come with university life.

A few areas of potential challenge:

Roommate Concerns

Please encourage your student to communicate directly with his or her roommate – before issues arise.  When they do arise, this is also the recommended first step.  If assistance is needed, your student should first talk with his or her student Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are trained to assist with conflict and may be able to coach or mediate. If not, the RA will refer the situation on to his or her supervisor, the Community Director (CD), who is a full-time professional staff member living on campus and within the community.

Room or Residence Hall Changes

Community Directors approve and coordinate all room changes within the same building and are a first step when seeking to switch halls. If your student has a special need that warrants accommodations, he/she should contact Resident Life for more information regarding special needs housing.

Student Conduct

Please talk with your student about university policies.  Our policies are generally designed to a) follow relevant laws and b) encourage a positive learning community for all.  As a family, you will not be notified of your student’s policy violations.  The full Code of Conduct is available on line in the PLU Student Code of Conduct.

Facilities and Maintenance

The quality of your student’s living environment is of the utmost concern to us.  Students should report maintenance concerns to their RA who will then submit a service request. Community Directors monitor the maintenance needs within their halls.

The value of living on campus

PLU knows that it is a big decision. Watch the video above to find out why why we have kept housing rates flat for three years! The benefits are more than financial.

Safety is a Priority

Providing a safe environment for students is a priority.  Campus Safety at PLU partners with the Pierce County Sheriff to provide services to students.

Bust of Martin Luther overlooks Red Square with Xavier in the background at PLU