Alexis Austin

Director for Campus Life Engagement


  • Professional
  • Biography


Campus Life Responsibilities

  • Supervise 3 Community Directors (CAVE, Hinderlie/Kreidler/Harstad, and Stuen/Ordal)
  • Primary Advisor for ASPLU
  • Point person for all Student Leader Training
  • Create, plan, implement Celebration of Leadership
  • Collaborator for Campus Life initiatives
    • New Student Orientation
    • PLUS 100 Curriculum


Student Life Responsibilities

  • PLUS 100 Instructor 
  • Administrator On-Call (Campus Crisis Response)
  • Conduct hearing educator for campus policy violations
  • Co-Chair the PLU Trans Task Force


Alexis began at PLU in Spring of 2022. Prior to PLU, Alexis most recently worked at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities & Duluth campuses) in a role similar to Community Directors. Alexis earned her MS in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University after working as a Resident Assistant in undergrad. Alexis grew up in Washington state and is excited to be back! Outside of work, Alexis enjoys board game nights with friends, knitting, writing to penpals, and going on walks and hikes with her dog, Lola.