Dhaval (THE-vul) Patel

Interim Community Director for Stuen & Ordal Halls


  • Professional
  • Biography


  • M.S.E., Higher Education Administration, University of Kansas, 2019
  • B.S., Computer Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 2017


  • Supervise Stuen and Ordal Resident Assistants
  • Advise Stuen and Ordal Residence Hall Councils
  • Manage the Day to Day operations of Stuen and Ordal
  • Oversee the 4 learning communities in Stuen and Ordal
    • Lavender (LGBTQ+)
    • First in the Family (First-generation)
    • Students of Color
    • Environmental & Social Justice

Professional Memberships/Organizations


Dhaval ( THE-vul ) has been working at PLU since the summer of 2019 as a Community Director. Before that, he was serving as a Scholarship Hall Director at the University of Kansas for 2 years whilst pursuing a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration.

Dhaval was born in New Jersey and also lived in North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, but spent most of his childhood growing up in Southern California. He currently lives with his longtime partner Kaitlyn and their 1 year old cat, Freyja!

Dhaval is a big nerd! He loves video games, D&D, anime, Pokemon, DC and Marvel! If it is part of geek and nerd culture, he is probably a fan! He is also a huge sports fan and a die hard Denver Broncos fan who will never miss a game.