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Sociology and Criminal Justice Class of 2022!

The Dept. of Sociology & Criminal Justice is honored to present our senior capstone presentations.

Click on each student’s name to see titles of capstone presentations. 

``Struggling to Fit In: How a Conservative Family Background Impacts Feminist Identity``
``Disclosure: Coming Out As LGBTQ+ in Significant Emotional Relationships``
``In Black and White: Interracial Relationships and Life Satisfaction``
``How Does Childhood Abuse Affect Adolescent Depression?``
``The Impact of Hirschi's Social Bonds on Juvenile Delinquency``
``Parent-Child Relationships: The Effect on Delinquency``
``Nurturing Out of Delinquency: Primary Caregivers' Effect on Juvenile Behavior``
``Parental Supervision and Delinquency``
``More Than A Game: The Development of Social Bonds and Stakes Through Sports``
``Policing and Social Class: The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Requests for Police Assistance``
``#The Power That Social Media Brings To Social Movements``
``Filipinx Immigrants and Their Experiences with Law Enforcement in the Philippines and United States``
``Race and Police Interactions``
``'But What About Ohana?': The Portrayal of Parents in Disney Films``
``The Narrative of Star Trek Subreddits``
``Violence and Women: The Media and True Crime``
``Recruitment, Retention, and Control: Language Manipulation Within the Jehovah's Witnesses``