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Work Study Program

Join the Work Study Program

Government agencies, for-profit corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, who are not involved in political or religious activity may be eligible to participate in the State Work Study (SWS) program.

How it works:

Employers can enter into an agreement with PLU to hire students who are eligible for work study by submitting a contract and job description. PLU reviews the contract and job description to make sure employment fits within the guidelines of the work study program and is a good fit for our students. Once approved, the employer can post positions on our Opportunities Board and hire students according to their normal hiring practices.

When a student is hired, the student and employer work together to fill out the State Work Study Employment Referral / Agreement form and submit it to the Student Employment Office. Once this form has been signed by the Student Employment Office and returned to the employer, the student can begin working.

Through SWS, the state contributes to the wages of work study student employees, so participating employers benefit from educated, motivated workers at a lower cost. Additional program information is available here. PLU’s work study students work with government agencies, for-profit corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. The state bars any business or organization involved in political or religious activity from participating in the State Work Study (SWS) program.

Sign Up

Read more about the program on the WA Student Achievement Council Website. Sign up by filling out the Employer Contract and Profile, Statewide Vendor Number, and Job Description forms found at the bottom of the site. Submit your forms to stuemp@plu.edu. It can take 3-6 weeks to receive your approval.

Sign Up
Hire a Student

Hire a student according to your standard recruiting practices. Work with the student to fill out and submit the Referral Agreement to confirm how much SWS funding the student has. Make sure the student doesn't begin working until you have received confirmation that your participation in the work study program has been approved.

Referral Agreement
Get Reimbursed

You pay the student according to your standard payroll practices. Submit a time sheet each month to get reimbursed for the wages you've paid. Reimbursement rates are 70% for non-profits, 60% for government agencies, and 40% for private companies. Submit your time sheets to the PLU Student Employment Office by mail.