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Preparing you for your future career(s): how PLU helps

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PLU students stand on the stairs at Alaska Air and listen to a presenter. The presenter's back is to the camera.

Image: PLU students visit Alaska Air to connect with alumni who work there for career advice. (Photo/John Froschauer)

November 13, 2023

Do you keep getting the question, “What’s your major going to be in college?” which is essentially a different version of “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Or maybe it’s this question: “What do you do with that major?”

Perhaps you know what you want to major in, maybe you know (or think you know) what job or kind of job you want after college, or you might have no idea about anything. Any of these are completely okay.

At PLU, we’ll equip you with an education that enlightens your mind, supports you as you explore your post-college options, and provides numerous opportunities to get the hands-on experiences that will propel you into a world of boundless possibilities.

Wondering how we do that?

One way is through Alumni and Student Connections (which is home to PLU’s career services team) – your ultimate career prep partner. The best part? You get to dive into this treasure trove of resources as soon as you set foot on campus! Alumni and Student Connections offers help with internships, career counseling, and offers formal mentoring programs, where students are matched with a PLU alumni in their field of interest.


A PLU students works with another intern to feed an injured bird.

PLU can connect you to out-of-this-world professional experiences! We have had students intern at NASA, Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Washington State Legislature, Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance, Global Treks and Adventures, and many more! PLU even offers scholarships for internship-related expenses so you can get the internship experience without worrying about funding.

“Internships like the one at Fred Hutch Cancer Center provide you not just an opportunity to pursue your interests and practice science but also to interact with amazing people, and you will network and build relationships that will continue beyond the duration of your internships. Overall, internships will provide you with benefits and opportunities that will follow you and grow just as much as you do because what you put into them is what you will gain from them, and they are truly yours to make.”

Elijah S. ’25, Chemistry Major

Career Advising

Student meets with employer at PLU career fair. The two people are facing each other and are in mid conversation.

The career and internship advisors in Alumni & Student Connections are here to help you every step of the way as you discover your passions, explore different career paths, and map out your unique academic and professional journey. Through individual career counseling appointments, our advisors can help you with things like:

  • Job and Internship Searches
  • Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Exploration

“The career and internship advisor I met with was SO helpful! I was stressed out that I would not be able to reduce my resume down to one page, but her tips made it possible. She also showed me ways to look up internships on LinkedIn.”

Emily S. ’22, Business (Administration) major

Career Programming

Two students look at a computer while sitting on a couch. One is wearing a Netflix shirt.

Each year, PLU hosts a variety of career events (workshops, employer meet and greets, alumni networking dinners, etc.) to give you several chances to connect with local and national employers, as well as PLU alumni who are excited to recruit PLU students for jobs and internships.

Mentoring Programs

A PLU student is sitting at a table at a networking event.

Mentoring offers an invaluable chance to gain insights and build connections within your chosen industry. PLU’s mentoring programs provide you with a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one career and internship guidance from seasoned alumni in your field of interest. Here are the three programs we’re offering this year:

  • The College of Liberal Studies mentoring program is tailored for students in a diverse range of majors and minors, such as Anthropology, Chinese Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Gender, Sexuality, & Race Studies, Global Studies, History, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Language & Literatures, Native American & Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Pre-law, Publishing & Printing Arts, Religion, or Sociology, this program supports your academic and professional aspirations.
  • The College of Natural Science mentoring program connects Natural Sciences students with accomplished alumni mentors in fields like biology, chemistry, computer science, Earth science, mathematics, engineering, environmental studies, and physics, providing tailored guidance and access to valuable networks.
  • The Lutes of Color mentoring program offers students of color a supportive community and personalized mentorship from dedicated alumni who share their experiences, fostering meaningful connections and providing valuable guidance to help them thrive academically, professionally, and personally at PLU.

“The [Lutes of Color] mentoring program has helped me gain confidence in applying for internships and jobs! It was really nice to be able to open up to someone about how I’m feeling about the future. It was also helpful knowing I’m not alone in this journey and my mentor was also in the same position that I was in. I enjoyed our monthly meetings and in between I would keep in contact by texting each other about school, assignments, internship opportunities and so forth. I also had the chance to do a mock interview with my mentor and gain a new perspective on how to approach certain questions. It was an overall great experience and I highly recommend students to join!”

Jey Lansang ’23, Business Administration major

So, whether you’re eyeing that dream job, looking to make a difference, or simply exploring your options, PLU’s career services team in Alumni and Student Connections is here to help.