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Q&A with a PLU Palmer Scholar

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Photo of Mosa on PLU campus.
January 14, 2021

A native of Yemen, Abdulghani Mosa ‘23 became connected with Palmer Scholars while a sophomore at Foss High School. Pacific Lutheran University and Palmer Scholars have announced they are expanding their partnership to better serve students of color in Pierce County. Mosa shares with us why he applied and how the program has helped him with his college career.

1. How did you hear about Palmer Scholars?
I heard about Palmer Scholars from my career counselor and my teacher when I was a sophomore in Foss High School.

2. What prompted you to apply to the program?
I applied to this program because I saw the opportunity in Palmer Scholars that many other programs lacked in or did not have altogether. I applied specifically because of the support they were providing to high school students pursuing higher education with backgrounds that did not consist of support, like (first-generation) students or immigrants.

3. How has Palmer Scholars supported you during the application process to PLU?
They helped me to figure out that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to and work hard at. Palmer scholars believed in me without looking at my GPA or my English level, and judging me, but based on my character. They assisted me in finding my path to success, and the confidence in myself to do anything I put my mind to without hesitation or fear of my identities failing me. They helped me to apply for additional scholarships, so I could fulfill my dream of attending PLU without any out of pocket expenses, as I needed the financial support in order to attend school at all. I received a total of four scholarships outside of the Palmer Scholars program in part because of their support.

4. How have they supported you as a college student?
During my college career, they always checked on me. They helped me buy textbooks, school supplies, and basic living needs with allowances. Besides this, they provide me with job and internship opportunities consistently by sending emails every month. Palmer scholars are my second family. I can send a simple text anytime I need support and I know they will always be there for me and assist me in succeeding.

5. Why is it important for PLU to partner with programs that bring underrepresented students to the university?

A scholarship, like Palmer Scholars, that aims to support and bring underrepresented students to colleges in pursuit of a higher education is really important because they are helping us, underrepresented students, who do not have any options to attend college and instead are forced to join the workforce to make their dreams come true. There are a lot of underrepresented people, specifically students of color, who are intelligent and would love more than anything to attend college. However, the cost is an issue for many due to the system repeating and placing these communities of color into poverty. This leads to students having a family background where no one has ever attended, let alone graduated from college. Therefore, these types of scholarships are unique because they make it possible for us to attend higher education.

Mosa is also an Act Six Scholar, a program that provides leadership training, academic preparation and mentorship. After graduation, he says he plans to pursue a career in law enforcement.
Want to learn more about PLU’s new matching scholarship for Palmer Scholars? Visit for more information.