The Raphael Lemkin Essay Competition

Dedicated to the man who named “The Crime with No Name”

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Through the efforts of PLU Alumnus and Regent, Donald R. Morken, and a colleague, Mr. Bruce Littman, Pacific Lutheran University has been added to a list of prestigious schools which sponsor prizes and scholarships in honor of Raphael Lemkin. Mr. Lemkin coined the term “genocide” and labored for passage of the United Nations genocide convention which outlaws destruction of races and groups. The Raphael Lemkin Trust, founded by Mr. Irving Young of Haifa, Israel, helps to support the prizes and scholarships. The prizes serve to inspire young people to reflect upon the issue of genocide and to inform them about Raphael Lemkin.

Pacific Lutheran University invites its’ students to write and submit (approximately in February) essays on the topic of genocide. A panel of faculty members judge the essays and awards first and second prize winners the amounts of $750 and $250 respectively.

For specific requirements and deadlines regarding this competition, please contact Dr. Beth Griech-Polelle at

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