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Columbia’s Combined Plan Application Open

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November 2, 2021

Columbia’s Combined Plan Application is now open. The deadline for applying is January 12, 2022.┬áPlease find below some of the instructions (concerning students) that were sent to me from Columbia as a Liaison of Columbia’s Combined Plan program.

If you are planning to apply this year, please click on the links below, and review the admission requirements (2 short essays, choice of engineering majors, letters of recommendation, deadlines, etc.) You will need 3 (three) letters of recommendation for Columbia:

1) A letter from the PLU Liaison (that’s me);
2) 1 letter from a Math professor;
3) 1 letter from a Physics professor. (Preferably, this should be from someone different from me, although if you don’t have any other good option, I’ll inquire if I am allowed to provide 2 letters — as a liaison and as a physics professor.)

For those of you who are going to apply this cycle, you should email me and schedule to meet and discuss the application process with me in the next month.

Dr. Bogo Gerganov
Director of Dual-Degree Engineering

Pre-Combined Plan Curriculum Course Descriptions
Curriculum Guide
Application Website