Club Sports Clearance Instructions

Medical Clearance

Sports Physical Required 

2023-2024 Club Sports Clearance
Medical Clearance

All Lutes are required to undergo a sports physical exam. This year, the PLU Health Center will not be offering sports physicals. However, the PLU School of Nursing will be conducting walk-in exams in Ramstad 201 on the specified dates and times mentioned below:

Exam Available Dates
September 7th 3PM-6PM
October 5th 4-5 PM
November 2nd 4:30-5:30 PM
December 7th 4:30-5:30 PM
February 9th 1:30-3:30 PM-  Must reserve a spot here by Feb 8th 5pm.

Before your scheduled exam, please ensure that you have completed the Club Sports Pre-participation form. You can submit the form to the front desk of Ramstad 201 upon arrival. Although extra copies will be available in Ramstad, it is preferred that you complete the form before arriving.

In the case where Lutes choose to have their physicals performed by off-campus healthcare providers, the Club Sports Pre-participation form must be submitted to your primary care provider and your provider must complete the PLU clearance form. Please carefully follow the instructions on the form and ensure that you send the completed signed forms to

Club Sports Waiver

Club Sports Waiver
1.  Create an account on (if you do not have one already) using your email address
2.  Click the Club Sports tab
3.  Click the sport you would like to join which will prompt you to sign & date the first waiver.
4.  Once you’ve joined you will be prompted to complete the Pacific Lutheran University Club Sports Waiver.

Academic Clearance

Eligibility for practice/competition:  You are eligible to practice if you are enrolled in a minimum full-time program (12 credits for undergraduates / 9 for graduate students) of studies leading to a baccalaureate or equivalent degree as defined by the regulations of your school. If at any point you drop below full time you are unable to practice/compete .

You must be in good academic standings to participate.  If you fall below a 2.0 you are not eligible to participate. 

Concussion Testing

Concussion Test

All students will be required to take the online baseline concussion test.  Once Coaches & Captains submit team rosters to Rob Thompson each athlete will receive an email from  “support” and subject “You’ve Been Assigned an ImPACT test”.  Tests must be completed before any official team activities.

Earn a Credit Course for participation: FTWL250

After a student has completed in one full club sports season, they will be eligible to enroll in banner under FTWL 250 for a 1-credit course.  Student-athletes may no longer use FTWL 250 to meet the activity course requirement. However, they may continue taking FTWL 250 for credit toward graduation.