Club Sports Clearance Instructions FIRST YEARS and TRANSFERS

Medical Clearance

Sports Physical Required 

  • Off-Campus:  This form must be filled out by your primary care provider if doing a sports physical outside of PLU.  Please read instructions on the form carefully.
  • On-Campus: To have a sports physical at the PLU Health Center please call to make an appointment 253-535-7337. Please have the following forms completed before arriving to the Health Center for your sports physical.

Pre-Participation Physical Exam Questionnaire
Covid Questionnaire
Sickle Cell

All student athletes beginning their first season of eligibility are REQUIRED to do one of the following: 1) be tested for sickle cell trait 2) provide results from a previous sickle cell trait test 3) or complete a waiver stating they understand the risks but decline to be tested. Please read the instructions below for more information.

    • Many individuals were tested for sickle cell trait when they were born. Please check with your birth hospital records department or the Department of Health in the state in which you were born, if you choose to submit a copy of your test results. Results may be faxed directly to the PLU Health Center at (253) 536-5042.
    • If you are unable to obtain your test results and wish to be tested for sickle cell trait, please contact the PLU Health Center at (253) 535-7337 to set up an appointment.
    • If you are unable to obtain your test results and do not wish to be tested, you MUST complete the Sickle Cell Trait Waiver using the link above. You MUST also complete the Sickle Cell Trait Course provided by the NCAA. This course may be accessed under the “Educational Resources” tab on the Sports Medicine web page. Please fax completed waiver’s to the PLU Health Center at (253) 536-5042.
    • If you would like to learn more about how sickle cell trait impacts student athletes, click on the following links (NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Video Part INCAA Sickle Cell Trait Video Part IINCAA Sickle Cell Trait Fact Sheet) or go to the “Educational Resources” section of the Sports Medicine web page.

Academic Clearance

Transcripts (Full PDF transcript)

Log into banner, under your transcript.  Go to the print page as if you were going to print the transcript, there is an option to view as PDF. Save the pdf and email the transcript to Rob Thompson along with stating your Club Sport.

*Player Eligibility Only full-time PLU students (undergraduate, graduate) that are in good academic standing with the university are eligible for membership on a Club Sports team

Club Sports Waiver

Club Sports Waiver
1.  Create an account on (if you do not have one already) using your email address
2.  Click the Club Sports tab
3.  Click the sport you would like to join which will prompt you to sign & date the first waiver.
4.  Once you’ve joined you will be prompted to complete the Pacific Lutheran University Club Sports Waiver.

Concussion Testing

Concussion Test

All students will be required to take the online baseline concussion test.  Once Coaches & Captains submit team rosters to Rob Thompson each athlete will receive an email from  “support” and subject “You’ve Been Assigned an ImPACT test”.  Test must be completed before any official team activities.