2022-2023 Directors

Erin Swanson (she/they)

Courtney Tudor (she/her)

2022-2023 Trip Leaders

Nathan Buegler (he/him)

Jackie Lindstrom (she/her)

Sam Luker (he/him)

Jess Herklotz (she/her)

Nick Etzell (he/him)

Anna Foster (she/her)

Zach Gong (he/him)

Grady Lemma (he/him)

Ellie Dieringer (she/her)

Zack Tevault (he/him)

Evergreen-Esme Burling (she/they)

Jonah Maier (he/him)

Peter Binstock (he/him)

Maggie Nieberger (she/they)

Annica Stiles (she/her)

Daniel Bensen (he/him)

Logan VanDenburg (he/him)

Margaret Murdoch (she/they)

Denny Corson (he/him)

Trip Leaders Studying Away

 Sir Murph the Moose

Studying in: The Columbia Center

Alina Boorse (she/her)

Studying in: Windhoek, Namibia