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2018-19 Directors

Gear and Marketing Director

Britt McCracken

Britt. Britt. Britt. Britt. Britt. Ohhhhhhhhhh Britt. Yummy yummy yummy. What to say. So much. Oh wow, what a fun bio. Yummy yummy yummy. Oh Britt. Born in a tree. Sitting with me. Oh Britt. Yummy yummy yummy. Eating a tree, with a free can of spam. Oh Britt. Yummy yummy yummy. A true adventure, from the land of Spanaway. Born on a lake, perhaps a mistake? She once ran a mile, with lots of mad style. I'm sure she's encounter a bear and was not afraid. Yummy yummy yummy. It's time to go now, prepare yourself well. Britt is a great leader, a great leader indeed. Yummy yummy yummy. Gucci flipflops.
Finance and Operations Director

Isaiah Scheel

Isaiah (Bearded Jesus) Scheel was born one frigid december night in 1996, in a wooded thicket located deep within southeastern washington. Legend has it that Isaiah exited the womb with a full head of firey red hair, and fully constructed blueprint for the Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner, both of which successfully launched and landed less than 6 months later. Just two months later, Isaiah successfully became the first member of his tribe to weave plants and branches into a climbing rope, ascending the Great Walla Walla Wall and joining the high ranks of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society. After precariously making his way over the edge, he emerged to discover a small golden spike sitting on a brown ovalish ball. He invented and played ‘football’ for 4 years before ultimately mastering the sport, and turned back to the strange golden spike. Using his immense genius and ingenuity, Isaiah put the spike inside of his shoe, forming the first track spike, going on to win the gold metal in the 200m world olympics at just 2 years old. it became apparent that Isaiah was destined for greatness, and his tribe shipped him across the Sea of Hawks to join the land of the Lutes. Under intensive training, Isaiah learned the ways of a ‘residence hall’, eventually rising to become a renowned RA, declaring a major in CS, and more naturally, becoming a director of the Outdoor Recreation Program, where he pledged to never cut his hair ever again. Some day, Isaiah plans to travel the world only by foot and swimming, hoping to inspire others, and establish wifi at every corner of the earth so he can code in peace and tranquility in the great outdoors.

2018-19 Trip Leaders

Hannah Peterson

On the topic of Hannah Peterson….Far back in the history of woman, a horse people rode along the plains of Rohan, fighting and horse riding and being merry. One of these horse people was the great great great great great great great great great grandmother of the best friend of the man that married the mother of the woman who begat the most esteemed Horse Master: Hannah Peterson. No, not that other Hannah Peterson. The real Hannah Peterson. The shorter Hannah Peterson. The one who always lands on her feet like a very small dog, you know, the one who invented Spanish (all of it) and has traveled far and wide on a quest to graduate. I hear she once wrestled a bear with her bear hands. My friend told me she likes fruit on her pizza, which is disgusting. I dare you to go up to her and ask to print something using her LuteCard because then she can say, “I may be called HP, but I am no printer

Elizabeth Kulus

Elizabeth hails from the bottom of one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. However, because she is human, she is never able to discern just which one it is. Luckily for us, she followed her gnome friends to the lovely land of Washington, where she joined Outdoor Rec to spread smiles and sunshine. Elizabeth is majoring in Hammock-swinging and Shenanigans with a concentration in adddvennnntureeeeeeeeee!!!! Her plans for the future include echo-locating the place of her birth as well as conquering six of the seven seas. Just which one she'll pass on remains a mystery.. even to her…

Nick Wagner

YEEHAW GIT ALONG LIL DOGGIE!! Nick here is a world class cowboy all the way down from good ol Texas where everything is bigger and better! Nick is a good ol boy who will be sure to lead you through PWN adventures with his big ol heart and southern charm. When Nick ain’t ropin’ horsies and feedin’ the chickens, you can find him enjoyin’ a big ol mason jar of sweet southern tea on his meemaws back porch! Nick is so good at ropin’ that if you tripped he would lasso you right up before you even hit the ground!! You sure will be in good hands with this southern charmer as your trip leader!

 Miranda Berg

Miranda…..The creature from the East side of the state. She’s already been to University…she claims it was high school but, we all know she’s just a super senior who loves PLU. She’s a strange one that’s for sure….she even wears a helmet to class every day just in case she needs to repel off of Tstad. Oh Miranda, she’s quite the iceBERG. She sure knows how to break the ice on trips so ask her to sing for you and she just might. Well, that’s Miranda in a nutshell. She’s pretty HILLarious!

Sarah Ward

Acadia Graham

 Rika Boorsma

Rika Boorsma. WAIT, RIKA BOORSMA??? That’s right folks all the news is true, Rika’s backkkkkkk!!! She hails from the Uff Dah state of Minnesota, in the United States of Ame-RIKA! Her favorite spice that she puts on every meal is papRIKA (seriously every meal even ice cream)! Her favorite holiday is Halloween because that means she can go tRIKA treating!! Her favorite pastimes are swimming in cold cRIKAs with her pals, and traveling all over the world to places like AfRIKA and Costa RIKA! She's even learning to speak GRIKA!! Rika makes a heckin’ great trip leader, making every trip she leads a fRIKAn’ adventure!!!!

Ben Soderling

Ben Leschensky

Tori Philippi

Jackie Stenberg

Anya Nelson

Emily Toycen

Cade Lilley

Holly Knutsen

Brandon Lehto

Jackie Lindstrom

Brandon Ishise

Trip Leaders Studying Away

Torrin Laughlin

Studying in: Telemark, Norway

Ian Rice

Studying in: Oaxaca, Mexico

 Sir Murph the Moose

Studying in: The Columbia Center