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Outdoor Basics

What to Bring on a Day Hike
Packing a First Aid Kit
Fire 101
How to Load a Pack
How to Adjust a Pack
Waxing Skis
Layering Tips
Avoid Water Contamination

How to Use or Set Up OR Gear

ENO Hammock
MSR Liquid Fuel Stove
Water Filter: Katadyn Hiker Pro
Trekking Poles

Picking The Right Gear

Choosing Climbing Shoes
Choosing the Right Tent
Picking Boots That Fit
Choosing Climbing Shoes
Understanding Down Fill
Merino Wool
Picking a Sleeping Bag

Gear Repair

Creating a Repair Kit
Waterproofing a Jacket
10 Ways to Use Duct Tape
Washing a Down Sleeping Bag


Climbing Techniques
Climbing Holds
Belaying on Top Rope
Climbing Moves
Finger Crack Climbing
Hand Jam in Crack Climbing
Rest Position


Clove Hitch
Backpacker Hitch
Taut Line Hitch
Square Knot
Bowline Knot
Overhand Knot
Girth Hitch
Sheet Bend Knot