Here’s what some of our players have to say about Reign!

“Ultimate frisbee was the first thing I got involved in my freshman year and I can honestly say that joining the team was the best decision I’ve made in my college career so far. Ultimate is the only sport that I know which is built on spirit and it’s always amazing to see how teams interact positively with each other on the field. I love Reign because we uphold an amazing team environment where we love to play ultimate with our best friends by our side. We’re constantly hanging out with each other and fostering nothing but good connections on and off the field. Another thing that I love about my team is that we play frisbee because we love sport but we push each other to do better each practice and tournament for one another. This team would be nothing without the great relationships we have and I truly appreciate each and every one of my teammates. We’ve all been through hell and back together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Frisbee and the wonderful womxn I play with have taught me to be more outgoing, more spirited, and more of a leader. Lastly, it makes me happy to think that even after I graduate I will be able to come back and play every year with these amazing people. Ultimate is such a big part of my life now and it’s really an honor to be a part of the community. We are always accepting new teammates and friends so I hope that more people will become a part of this amazing team!”

-Aniya (she/they), Captain, 3rd year player, Handler

Why should you play for PLU Reign?

Well first it’s an amazing opportunity to meet people around campus of all different majors and backgrounds. Everyone is super inclusive and the team is a bunch of powerful ladies that love to play Ultimate! I made so many of my closest friends through frisbee.

PLU Reign plays hard but we also make sure we are taking good care of our bodies. We participate in SO many tournament’s, so we are always playing. Due to that, we try to workout together and take time to stretch and listen to our bodies. That way we can work hard to try to prevent injuries so we can play all season together.

Playing frisbee at PLU has been the best choice so far at college. It has provided me with a wonderful support group through both the male and female teams. We have tons of fun together and love to just be our crazy selves! I hope you consider playing with us this season or next(:”

-Allyson Lessard (she/her), 2nd year player, Cutter

“I love PLU Reign for so many reasons, but one of the things that I look forward to is going to practice and getting hugs from my best friends! I love our hardworking, open, and supportive community that relies on everyone’s contribution to grow and improve to be the team we want to be. I always look forward to working my butt off and having fun with 25-30 of my best friends every week!”

-Emma Mickelson (she/her), Captain, 4th year player, Handler

“My favorite part about playing with my frisbee team has been the friendships and memories I have formed over the past three years. This team has given me friendships that will last forever and memories I will never forget. Because of this frisbee team, I can truly say that I was able to experience such an amazing part of what college is all about.

 When I joined the frisbee team, I was brought in with open arms by people who accepted me for who I was. Coming from a high school where I was not really accepted, this environment was so beneficial to my confidence, mentality, and emotional state. I can truly be myself and not feel judged around my teammates. 

What I love most about frisbee is being able to stand on the line with such amazing women. Before starting a point, I always look at teammates beside me and knowing that they have my back like I have theirs. It’s always the best feeling when everyone rushes in to congratulate you when the point is over, even if you felt like you did nothing at all. We as a team understand that each member is a positive contribution to helping us achieve our goals that season. That is what I love about my team…my friends….my family.”

-Katelyn Thompson (she/her), 4th year player, Cutter