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Intimate, unique, friendly. All describe Harstad Hall.


Contact Information

Resident Director:          Melissa Williams

RD Contact Number:  253-535-8373

Front Desk:              253-538-2000


Harstad Hall is the most historic building on campus.  It once housed the entire university.  Today, Harstad Hall provides a single gender living experience for approximately 200 women.  As a result, Harstad Hall promotes women's empowerment and gender equity through intentional programming, community building, and faculty interaction by focusing on activism, education, leadership opportunities, and reflection.

Some programming that women have been able to experience in Harstad have been: a Health Series, Women Inventors, The Status of Women Globally, Negotiating Salary as a Woman and much more!  Harstad has some of the largest rooms on campus, with varying room sizes that add character to the five story hall.  It is conveniently located between the library, University Center and Garfield Street, which is home to numerous stores and restaurants.  Campus Safety is also located in Harstad.

Named after Bjug Harstad, PLU founder and president from 1894 to 1895 and 1897 to 1898.  Harstad Hall housed the entire university from 1894 to 1912. It  became a residence hall in 1960.

 Harstad Hall  information

  • WiFi throughout the building
  • Harstad rooms vary in shape and size, with some rooms boasting high ceilings
  • There are a variety of room types in Harstad, including designed single rooms,  double rooms and a single room with bath
  • Laundry rooms are centralized
  • A fireplace is located in the 4th floor lounge
  • There are 5 floors of living space, with elevator and stair access
  • All beds are twin extra long
  • Kitchens are available for creating light meals

Harstad Unfurnished Room Harstad Furnished Room

   Unfurnished Harstad Room            Furnished Harstad Room