About SR&R

Our mission is to assist students in developing a personal set of values and ethics; managing emotions; making decisions and following through on commitments; becoming independent; recognizing interdependence; and accepting the consequences of personal actions and decisions.

The Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) is part of the university’s commitment to holistic student development.

There are times when incidents of reported misconduct may warrant a review by members of the university community. SR&R proceedings are neither an end in themselves nor the primary means of developing responsible student conduct. Student development is more likely to take place through education and example than through disciplinary measures. Nonetheless, there will be occasions when the university will assert its disciplinary authority for the safety and well-being of the university community.

The SR&R Office seeks to provide a fair and equitable process for reviewing and responding to incidents. In addressing disciplinary concerns, PLU’s SR&R Office supports the concept of community review and implements this concept through “Review Meetings.” This means that situations that violate university policies, rules, regulations, and standards will be reviewed by students, staff, and faculty members drawn from within the PLU community. In addition, the university may also contact parents or guardians when students are referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities System and/or notify parents or guardians of outcomes and/or imposed sanctions.

The SR&R Office has been developed with the goal that all students involved in any disciplinary matter are treated with fairness and in a manner consistent with other students. Review Meetings give all parties the opportunity to identify concerns, explain perceptions, explore behavior, and hear suggestions. The emphasis is placed on student behavior and the relationship of behavior to commitments and responsibilities inherent in accepting membership into the university community.

Inherent in the SR&R system is an element of flexibility that enables the university to address core issues of behavior. Since each student is an individual, and no two incidents are alike, each incident will be handled individually. PLU reserves the right to modify procedures and sanctions in individual cases and with individual students when, in PLU’s sole discretion, such modification is in the best interest of the university community. Each person may not receive the same sanction for a similar policy violation, but each sanction given will be within a general framework of consistency and fairness.

Administration of the Student Rights and Responsibilities System

The Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students has delegated the administrative responsibility for the Student Rights and Responsibilities System to the Associate Director for Student Rights and Responsibilities, who is responsible for the effective day-to-day management and operation of the System. The Associate Director for Student Rights and Responsibilities coordinates training for Review Boards, Review Officers, and Review Board Advisors; provides information and consultation to students, staff, and faculty; assigns Review Officers or Review Boards for each review process; coordinates and schedules Review Meetings; maintains Student Rights and Responsibilities records; serves as a Review Officer and as Advisor to the University Review Board.

Incident Reports

A. How Incident Reports May be Generated
Students, as members of the community, have the right to address issues that may be incongruent with university policies, rules and regulations. Employees of the university have the responsibility to support the policies, rules and regulations of PLU. Therefore, when a student’s conduct appears to be in violation of university policies, rules or regulations, any student, staff, or faculty member may submit an Incident Report.

Rules and regulations developed by the university to maintain a safe and orderly environment may be found in the following locations (without limitation): Code of Conduct, Course Catalog, PLU Master Housing and Meal Agreement, PLU Student Athlete Handbook, and the PLU Parking Regulations.

Submit an Incident Report when you concerns that a student’s conducts appears to be in violation of university policies.

Contact for questions about completing the Incident Report or about the Student Rights and Responsibilities process.

B. Process for Submission of Incident Reports

  1. A written description of the observed misconduct should be submitted electronically to the SR&R Office ( within 72-hours of the incident (excluding weekends and holidays or extenuating circumstances). Incident Reports submitted after this timeframe will be assessed by the SR&R Office staff, who will determine in his/her sole discretion whether the Incident Report can and should be reviewed and proceedings begun.
  2. The SR&R Office reviews the Incident Report, investigates ambiguities when they exist, and determines the type of Review Meeting most appropriate to the situation. This determination is usually based upon, but not limited to, the nature of the incident, the student’s prior SR&R history, and any existing sanctions against the student.
  3. The SR&R Office schedules the Incident Report for review by the appropriate Review Board or Review Officer(s).
  4. The SR&R Office informs the person(s) involved that her/his name appears on an Incident Report. This is accomplished by sending a copy of the Incident Report and Review Meeting Notification through PLU email. Students are responsible for checking their PLU email address on a regular basis as it is a formal means of communication from the University.

C. Student Acceptance of Responsibility
Students referred to the SR&R Office have the option to accept responsibility for certain policy violation(s) if the following two conditions are met:

  1. The student has not previously been found responsible for violating the policy indicated.
  2. The SR&R Office decides that self-acceptance of responsibility is appropriate.

Conduct violations that may be eligible for Student Acceptance of Responsibility include, but are not limited to Alcoholic Beverages, Building Security, Computer and Network Use, Fire Safety, Guests on Campus and at PLU Events, Noise, Pets in the Workplace, Smoking, and Visitation and Guests in the Residence Halls.

When appropriate, students will receive notice of the option to accept responsibility instead of Notification of a Review Meeting. The student must respond to the SR&R Office electronically within the timeframe set out in the notice, typically 3 business days, to select which of the following two options he/she wishes to:

  1. Accept responsibility and meet with a Review Officer or a Conduct Body to assign sanctions; or
  2. Request a Review Meeting with a Review Officer or Conduct Body.

If the student chooses Option 1, a meeting to determine sanctions will be scheduled with the appropriate Review Officer or Conduct Body. If the student believes the sanctions are not appropriate for the situation, the student may elect to have a Review Meeting with a new conduct body or Review Officer(s).

If the student chooses Option 2, the SR&R Office will assign the incident for review with an appropriate Review Officer or Conduct Body.

If the student does not respond by the given deadline, the SR&R Office will assign the incident for review with an appropriate Review Officer or Conduct Body.