Visitation and Guests in Residence Halls

PLU is committed to maintaining safe, respectful and healthy residential environments that are conducive to living and learning. This commitment to residential students takes precedence over any one resident’s preference to host a guest. The University believes that guests staying overnight or for extended periods have the potential for being an infringement upon the community by compromising the privacy and convenience of the people sharing residence hall space. Therefore, PLU expects guests to be hosted on a limited and infrequent basis. 

The University encourages roommates to discuss issues of privacy and personal space. It is recommended that roommates discuss courtesy guidelines for the use of their room proactively and early in the semester. If any assistance is needed, contact a residence hall staff member.  

Guests must not stay longer than four consecutive nights, any four nights out of seven, or any eight nights out of thirty. Visits exceeding 8 hours in a day, regardless of whether or not an overnight is included, are similarly restricted. 

Guests and residents are not permitted to sleep in university lounges, lobbies or other common areas.  

Residents and guests are expected to act courteously and abide by campus policy at all times. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests. If the guest or their host refuses to abide by university rules, regulations, notices or directions, as given by the staff members or other authorized notices issued by the University or its staff members, the guest may be required to leave and the resident host may be referred to the Student Code of Conduct process.

Residence halls and/or residential wing communities may amend these guidelines to be more restrictive by working with the Resident Assistant and the Community Director of the hall. 

The University reserves the right to remove a visitor or overnight guest from the residence hall or the campus at any time it deems that the guest’s or their host’s behavior is contrary to the goals and objectives of the university.  (See also “Guests on Campus and at PLU Events“.)

Students who need assistance addressing an unwanted guest are encouraged to contact Campus Safety at 253-535-7441.