Speakers / Guests on Campus

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to educating students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care – for other persons, for the community, and for the earth.  In accordance with this principle, any recognized university organization may invite speakers to campus that further PLU’s educational mission.  Effort should be made to inform the academic and larger community that sponsorship of a guest speaker does not necessarily imply approval of the views expressed or endorsement of them by either the sponsoring group or the university. 

Routine scheduling procedures required by the university must be followed before completing arrangements for any speaker.  Availability of suitable space for the event that does not conflict with the university’s regularly scheduled program and the possibility of disruption of university business are factors to be considered in approving a proposed meeting.  It shall be required that the audience be given an opportunity to question speakers at the conclusion of their presentations.  This latter requirement may be waived only by Campus Life Office by appeal to the university president. 

For any event, either of these people may also require: 

  • The appointment of an approved moderator for the event with the authority to close the meeting if, in their judgment, it becomes disorderly or disruptive. 
  • The restriction of the audience to members of the campus community or to members of a specific organization.