The Student Code of Conduct contains policies and procedures that apply to all students enrolled in courses at Pacific Lutheran University.  Individuals involved in incidents prior to or during a break between successive terms of enrollment may be subject to action in the Student Conduct System. 

The University reserves the right to follow the procedures outlined in the Student Conduct System if a student’s behavior violates the Student Code of Conduct, regardless of where the behavior occurs.  The University will generally, but not exclusively, respond to off-campus behavior if an alleged violation occurs while a student is engaged in a PLU-sponsored or sanctioned event (i.e., study away, alternative spring break, athletics, music performance, outdoor recreation), the behavior raises concern for the safety of those on-campus or in the neighboring community, or the behavior jeopardizes the university’s interests in the community. 

In addition, the university may follow the procedures outlined in the Student Conduct System whenever a student is accused of a criminal act, regardless of the location of its occurrence.