Concern for Self and Others

The University holds as basic the safety and well-being of every person in the community. Students are therefore expected to demonstrate common sense and good judgment in all areas where safety, health and cleanliness are concerned.  The University prohibits activities that cause or threaten mental, emotional or physical harm, suffering or exhaustion; or which may cause damage or constitute a safety or health hazard for the university and/or its component parts, as well as for self and/or others.  Such actions are subject to referral to Student Rights and Responsibilities.  The University reserves the right to restrict students whose behavior violates this policy from campus until professional clearance is obtained that indicates the student may return without posing a threat to the University and/or its component parts, or to others.

The Concern for Self and Others policy has been applied in a broad spectrum of cases. It is, of course, not possible to list all forms of conduct that could be considered a violation of this policy.  The following are examples of conduct that could violate the Concern for Self and Others policy, but they are provided for illustration only and should not be considered all inclusive.  In addition to incidents that obviously fit into this policy description such as threatening others or disrupting the safety and effectiveness of the residence hall living/learning environments, Concern for Self and Others is applied to incidents involving pranks, presence on rooftops, throwing items out of university building windows, and others.