Pacific Lutheran University does not permit wagering or games of chance on campus or at scheduled events off campus.  Recognized student clubs and organizations are authorized to conduct events that include raffles, casino activities and auctions, provided participants do not pay for participation and the event is approved by the Campus Life (CL) Office. 

Students planning fundraising activities need to request permission from the CL Office and meet with CL staff to review compliance with PLU policy and Washington State law.

Students voluntarily seeking assistance for a gambling-related problem may do so without fear of disciplinary action, and will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.  Such assistance may be sought through a residence hall staff member; the Residential Life Office, 253-535-7200; Health Services, 253-535-7337; Counseling Services, 253-535-7206; Campus Ministry, 253-535-7200; and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, 253-535-7462.  Students who are documented for violating the gambling policy, and who subsequently request assistance for gambling related problems, are not exempt from the review process or any sanctions that may result.