Identification Card

Pacific Lutheran University provides students with a free university identification card at the time of the student’s enrollment.  This card, called a LuteCard, is the property of PLU. LuteCards support many privileges granted to members of the PLU community.  These privileges include access to events, facilities, and parking areas, meal plan access, convenient purchasing power, and identification for university business.  Students must carry their LuteCard with them at all times while on campus.  Failure to provide a LuteCard to university staff members who are performing their job functions may result in disciplinary action. (Note: See “False Information” and “Non-Cooperation” sections.)  Cards deemed unusable may be confiscated or refused by university employees performing their job functions.  Unusable or confiscated cards must be replaced at the holder’s expense.

As university property, LuteCards must not be altered or defaced in any manner.  LuteCards and the privileges they support are not transferable.  Under no circumstance is a student to provide their LuteCard to another individual to use for any purpose.  Under no circumstance is a student to use a LuteCard issued to another member of the PLU community for any purpose.  Unless reported lost, students are responsible for any use or misuse of their LuteCard.  Misuse of a LuteCard may result in confiscation of the card and disciplinary action via the Student Conduct system.  Any student found to be in violation of this policy via the Student Conduct system is subject to removal of privileges supported by the LuteCard and/or responsible for restitution for financial damages caused by misuse.

Students are responsible for reporting lost LuteCards and replacing their LuteCard immediately at their own expense.  Cards must be returned upon graduation or withdrawal from the university.