Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Revised October 2022

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to sustaining a healthy, safe, and caring community. The use of tobacco is a health hazard and is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. More than 1,000 Americans die every day from tobacco-related illnesses, and more than 16 million Americans are living with diseases directly attributable to smoking. For these reasons, on June 1, 2012, PLU became a tobacco-free campus. 

PLU recognizes that tobacco cessation can be both a physical and psychological challenge, and we are committed to supporting students, faculty and staff through this transition. PLU seeks not only to graduate healthy students and employ healthy faculty and staff, but to serve as an example for the community around us. 

Substances and Delivery Tobacco includes any lit cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs (except for approved cultural and religious celebrations); use of snus, snuff, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes are also not permitted. 

Courtesy and consideration will be exercised when informing others unaware of and/or in disregard of the policy. This policy is enforced as any other university policy is enforced. This includes community members talking with one another and with visitors. Retaliation against any person for requesting compliance with the policy or reporting an alleged violation is prohibited. While not preferred, if necessary, disciplinary actions for violations, appropriate to each constituency within the community, may be taken.