WMGS Learning Outcomes

Students who take Women’s and Gender Studies courses at PLU will learn how to:

  1. Describe individual and group identity formations and inequities related to gender and sexuality (alongside such factors as class, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and race).
  2. Demonstrate thoughtful critical analysis (oral and written) of the ways in which institutions and cultural representations have been shaped by, and reflect, specific understandings of gender and sexuality.
  3. Deploy concepts and theories central to Women’s and Gender Studies in written assignments, in order to express a more sophisticated understanding of gender, sexual identity and feminisms.
  4. Practice methods of dialogue and collaboration as modes of intellectual inquiry, and as models of community building and activism.
  5. Apply ideas and methods of Women’s and Gender Studies in a vocational context through designing a capstone project in which they will work on a service-project or internship with an organization whose work has an important bearing on issues of gender and/or sexuality.