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Reasons you should study psychology at PLU

Curious about the psychology program at PLU? We sat down with students and faculty to get the inside scoop.

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July 10, 2023

Psychology is a mix of scientific exploration, practical skills, and personal growth. Whether you’re fascinated by human behavior, eager to make a difference, or seeking a career that opens doors, a psychology major is an ultimate path to an epic academic journey and a future full of purpose.

Tell us about your favorite psychology professor.

“Dr. Taylor has been an excellent psychological research & statistics professor. Learning from her has ignited my interest in a branch of psychology I did not previously realize I would have any interest in: research. Under her supervision, I have thoroughly enjoyed designing studies, writing them up, and integrating statistics to interpret results.” – Suzi S. ’24

What are your plans after PLU?

“Getting my Bachelors in Psychology at PLU is preparing me to go on to graduate school within the field of psychology. I am confident I will be prepared for graduate school because I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with research, become a teacher’s assistant, and engage in internships in the field I am interested in.” – Suzi S. ’24

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