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J-Term at Neah Bay

Each January a number of PLU students study at Neah Bay with Dr. Huelsbeck and a number of Makah experts. The people of Neah Bay have long been generous with the students and faculty of our department and this opportunity often remains vivid in memories for many years. Join Us.

January 2020

This J-Term marked the 24th iteration of the Makah Culture study away class offered by the Dept. of Anthropology. Some of their unique experiences from this year include having been offered fried whale blubber and the opportunity to “pull” a Makah canoe.

January 2010

The Neah Bay course is open to first year students and upper class students. Please contact Dr. Huelsbeck for more information (huelsbdr@plu.edu).

January 2007

The January 07 Endangered Languages class with Professor Judy Pine spent three days at Neah Bay. The photos on this page show some of their adventures. They were honored to attend both elementary and high school language classes and learn from the people who are revitalizing the use of Makah in Neah Bay. There was also time for beach walking and learning the bone game. As ever the generosity of the people of Neah Bay was their favorite lesson.

January 2006

The January 06 class had many adventures at Neah Bay. The photos on this page show some of them. Learning about the importance of the canoe, beach collecting, visiting the Ozette site, learning the bone game, and enjoying the environment.

Student class picture
Students paddling in canoe
Students paddling canoe
Students paddling canoe