Summer Endorsements at Pacific Lutheran University

All application materials must be postmarked by May 5th to be considered for the summer program  Priority consideration will be given to applications received on or prior to March 1.

The Summer Endorsement program at PLU allows candidates to complete an intense series of online coursework during the summer, under the guidance of University Faculty.

Special Education candidates will complete their fieldwork and Pedagogy Assessment over the summer, earning their endorsement prior to the start of the academic year. 

English Language Learner candidates will complete coursework during the summer and their fieldwork and Pedagogy Assessment the following fall to earn their endorsement shortly thereafter.

World Language candidates will complete coursework during the summer and their fieldwork and Pedagogy Assessment the following fall to earn their endorsement.


Summer Endorsement options in Special Education (SPED), English Language Learners (ELL), and World Languages [WL].

To complete the application process you must submit the following materials:

1.  Complete online application below.
2.  OSPI form 1535.  
3.  Official Transcripts from ALL Colleges Attended
4.  A copy of your Current Teaching Certificate
5.  A current resume
6.  Two letters of recommendation from professionals who have observed your experience and ability
7.  $40 non-refundable processing fee (checks made payable to PLU)

Once all materials have been completed, send to:

Pacific Lutheran University

Attn: Education-PPD

12180 Park Ave S.

Tacoma, WA 98447



Add-on Program

Personal Info

Permanent Address

Mailing Address (if different than permanent address)


Please format as mm/dd/yyyy

Optional Information (do not affect individual admission decisions)

Payment Agreement

The University's tuition and fees are set forth in the current Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. The student does hereby agree to pay the tuition and fees as set forth in the current Catalog and to be bound by the payment terms set forth in the Catalog. The student understands that the tuition and fees for the semester are due and payable in full at the time of the student's registration unless the student has arranged a payment plan that has been approved by the University. Student further agrees to pay all other charges which student incurs while attending the University. The University agrees to make available to the student certain educational programs and the use of certain University facilities, as applicable and as described in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. Failure to pay when due all University bills shall release the University of any obligation to continue to provide the applicable educational benefits and services, including, but not limited to, grade reports, transcript of records, diplomas, registration or statements of honorable dismissal. The student shall also be denied admittance to classes and the use of university facilities in the event of default. Accounts 60 days delinquent may be turned over to a third-party collection agency. Any additional collection costs and/or attorney fees may be added to the account. This agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Washington.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: A full refund will be issued if a written notice of withdrawal is received before the first day of a course. On the first day of each course, a $100.00 fee applied for withdrawing. After the first day of a course, no refunds will be issued.

PAYMENT: You will be receiving a bill from PLU's Business Office for tuition and housing, if applicable. Please note that if you are paying with a Purchase Order it is your responsibility to request it from your school district. Please type your name in the field below to indicate that you have read and understand the above terms

Other Endorsement Policies

In order to earn an Add-On Endorsement through PLU you must: 

-Complete all required coursework with a B- grade or higher

-Pass the West-E test in your endorsement area

-Successfully complete the Pedagogy Assessment and all necessary documentation

-Complete and return all necessary paperwork in a timely  manner

-Pay your tuition and fees as billed

Failure to do any of above will delay or terminate the Add-On Endorsement process.  

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