Our Vision

The Division of Natural Sciences at PLU envisions itself as a leader in undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, providing our students with a distinct, personalized liberal arts education through the incorporation of experiential, collaborative, investigative, quantitative, technologically-advanced and interdisciplinary approaches to learning.

Our Mission

Through the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff, the Division of Natural Sciences offers programs that foster our students’ passion for discovery, scientific curiosity and life-long learning.  Our programs provide students with the knowledge, rigor, skill sets, and experience that will prepare them for vocations as scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or health professionals. Our strong emphasis on laboratory and field experiences, as well as collaborative student-faculty research, is designed to integrate concepts and applications with practice to gain real-world outcomes. We instill an understanding of science and its importance in today’s world in our students, the wider campus community, and our greater community.

Our Values

  • Academic Excellence – We are committed to setting high academic standards in our courses, so that students reach their full intellectual potential.
  • Centrality of the Liberal Arts – We promote a scientific approach to critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication as a core principle of a liberal arts education.
  • Student-Centered Learning – We are committed to an academic setting that encourages active learning and supports diverse learning styles.
  • Engagement – The Division takes pride in our small class sizes and highly personalized attention. Strong student-faculty relationships enhance learning and cultivate individual development.
  • Collaboration – We value a community that works together towards a shared mission and vision. Collaboration develops and sustains strong relationships between faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the community.
  • Diversity – We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for students from all cultures and backgrounds. This culture of diversity acknowledges the value of individuals’ perspectives and fosters respect for different ideas.
  • Global Responsibility – The Division helps students understand their roles as global citizens by accentuating the challenges of and preparation for an increasingly interdependent, diverse world. Furthermore, we promote the effective use of our resources and a shared commitment to the ecological well being of our planet now and for generations to come.
  • Community Involvement – Our students, faculty and staff are encouraged to provide service and care to others, consistent with PLU’s mission.

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