Conditional Admission Agreement

As a condition of my acceptance to the PLU School of Nursing and the permission granted me to enroll in nursing courses at PLU, I understand, in addition to the conditions stated in my letter of acceptance that:

  1. This contract does not obligate me to a major in nursing at PLU; I may change my mind and switch majors.
  2. Should I fail to meet the University’s standards of good conduct and academic honesty as outlined in the PLU Student Handbook, the PLU School of Nursing Student Handbook, and University Catalog , my offer of admission to the PLU School of Nursing will be rescinded and my enrollment in nursing courses at PLU (if I have registered) will be cancelled.
  3. I must comply with all health and certification requirements set by the university and the School of Nursing and submit documentation of the same to the appropriate offices, by due dates set by the University and the School of Nursing.
  4. I must maintain a clean criminal history free of arrests, charges, or convictions to enroll in nursing classes. I understand that prior to starting nursing classes, and semi-annually during the nursing program, I must pass a civil, administrative and criminal history clearance in all states, as well as any applicable territory or country.
  5. If English is not my first language, documented fluency in speaking, reading, writing and comprehending college-level English may be required prior to starting nursing coursework; see
  6. I must follow an approved pre-nursing curriculum (see below examples), and be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credits minimum for all regular terms, and 4 credits for January term) while enrolled in the pre-nursing sequence of study (prior to entering the nursing program).
  7. Should I for any reason be unable to progress through the pre-nursing or nursing courses per the approved curriculum, I am not automatically granted a leave of absence or opportunity to repeat coursework. Any request to participate in the program at any other time is neither guaranteed nor implied, and is on a space-available basis, if at all.
  8. I must complete all college courses prior to entering the nursing program with a minimum grade of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 scale. This applies to nursing prerequisites, electives, and general education classes, taken at PLU or another institution. With the exception of courses only offered as pass/fail, all courses must be taken for a letter grade and may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. Grades of W, WM, or I (incomplete) are not accepted.
  9. Completion of nursing prerequisites at PLU is a fundamental aspect of the early conditional admission program. Permission to apply non-PLU classes taken prior to high school graduation toward fulfillment of the nursing prerequisites must be requested in writing by September 1 by emailing Admissions Coordinator Tracy Pitt at Permission is not automatically granted and is not regularly granted for prerequisites in the sciences.
  10. Prerequisite courses completed after high school graduation at any college or university other than PLU may not be applied toward fulfillment of nursing prerequisites as part of my offer of early admission.
  11. Should I fail to meet any of the conditions set forth in my letter of acceptance or this Letter of Confirmation, my offer of admission to the PLU School of Nursing will be rescinded and my enrollment in nursing courses at PLU will be cancelled.
  12. I am not promised admission at any other date should I fail to meet any of the conditions set forth in my letter of acceptance, fail to meet the minimum eligibility requirements, fail to meet the progression requirements, and/or should my offer of admission to the PLU School of Nursing be rescinded.
  13. Admission at a later date will not be guaranteed if I do not accept this initial offer of admission by the indicated deadline.
  14. Your admission materials indicate the semester in which you are conditionally-admitted into the 2-year BSN program.
    1. If you are admitted to Fall of your junior year, view a sample curriculum here.
    2. If you are admitted to Spring of your junior year, view a sample curriculum here.
    3. Note that students who are admitted in Spring of their junior year will complete the BSN degree in 4.5 years, and students who are admitted Fall of their sophomore year will complete the BSN degree in 4 years.
  15. If I work with my advisor to make a plan to complete my general education requirements, the nursing prerequisites, and the nursing curriculum in less than 4 years, I may apply for earlier admission using the School of Nursing’s standard application during my first year at PLU for potential earlier entry into the program during my sophomore year.
  16. I understand that if there is space available to enter the nursing major during a semester I was not assigned, that I may request to change by contacting the School of Nursing during my freshman year at PLU.