Uukumwe Project 2024

Applications now being accepted.
FALL 2023


Affirming PLU’s commitment to educational partnerships, the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education in collaboration with the Office of Alumni and Student Connections, is in the second year of two-year project to support collaborative opportunities with PLU Education Alumni and Namibian educators. The Uukumwe (togetherness) Pilot Fund aims to maintain established partnerships, enhance educational practices, and build collaborative exchanges among individuals, schools, and educational organizations.

PLU’s Wang Center and Alumni and Student Connections seeks applications from interested PLU education alumni who want to re-establish or initiate connections with Namibian educators as a way of building cultural exchanges, and fostering collaboration, and collegial practices focused on improving instructional practice and student learning. Six selected participants will spend two weeks in Namibian classrooms working on school projects, interacting with teachers and learners, and participating in cultural activities. The Uukumwe Fund will cover flight, lodging, in town transportation, and provide a meal stipend for two weeks in Namibia. Fees associated with documentation, health requirements, and additional travel are not included. (An optional excursion will be offered for $250.) This visit will occur in late July 2024. In September 2024, they will be expected to host Namibian teachers in their classrooms and school, continue established projects, and participate in a Washington State excursion.

Applications will include the following information:

  1. Description of previous experience in Namibia and the impact of that experience on your teaching, global awareness, and cultural competence (if relevant)
  2. Description of a specific focus to explore with the Namibian teachers
  3. Description of goals and objectives of participation in this program as it relates to teaching and professional development
  4. Description of how participation in this project will benefit your collaborative and collegial practices for improving instructional practices and student learning
  5. Approval from a school or district administrator

Priority consideration will be given to:

  1. Applications that articulate an alignment with PLU’s vision for global education of “educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world”
  2. Applications from alumni of PLU J-Term and Semester Gateway Programs in Namibia.
  3. Applications from PLU alumni who were unable to participate in a study away experience in Namibia due to Covid cancellation.
  4. Applications from alumni of PLU’s School of Education
  5. Applications from local WA State teachers

To be considered, submit applications online by November 30, 2023. Submissions will be received and reviewed by a committee. Applicants will be notified of a decision by December 15, 2023. For further information and questions, email Dr. Jan Weiss, Uukumwe Project Coordinator, Associate Dean, Education at weissjm@plu.edu.