Internship Evaluation Ideas

The list below reflects common internship evaluation methods to connect course content to internship experiences and inspire vocational discernment.

 Assignment ideas for before and during the internship:

  • Daily reflections – Each student can reflect on the successes they’ve created and the challenges they face in their internship.
  • Video blogs – Students can create a visual “journal” of their experience, rather than written reflections.
    • If internship experience is part of a class with multiple students, students can respond to one another’s videos.

Assignment ideas for final or culminating projects:

  • Scrapbook – Integrate text and visuals to display learning and growth during the internship.
  • Informational Interview Assignment – Students can profile a professional who works in the organization.
  • Write a reflection paper regarding the following prompts:
    • Connect internship experience to student’s major
    • Discuss the impact of the internship on student’s future plans
  • Write a research paper with an annotated bibliography – Situate the internship experience within academic literature.
  • Create a reflection portfolio, which includes:
    • Goals at the beginning of the internship
    • One journal entry per week for the duration of the internship
    • An annotated bibliography to inspire research and critical thinking
    • Goals at the end of the internship
    • A closing reflection of the experience, where students can compare(what they thought the internship would be vs. what it actually was
  • Digital portfolio
  • Draft a grant proposal or publication
  • Revise resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to reflect new skills
  • Create a brochure about the internship position or the organization/company
    • Example: Intern 101 (things student wished they would have known)
  • Create a website and/or offer to update company’s website with internship information
  • Assemble a workshop for other students who might be interested in an internship in this area