Add-On Endorsements

There are three possible ways to add an endorsement to an existing Washington certificate.    Certain endorsements can be added via an abbreviated process referred to as Pathway 1 or 2. Some endorsements may require only a passing WEST-E/NES test in the endorsement area being added (Pathway 1), while others may require a passing WEST-E plus a Pedagogy Assessment (Pathway 2). Endorsement combinations not covered in either Pathway 1 or 2, can be added via Pathway 3.  To see which endorsements align for each of these Pathways, refer to the Pathways Chart.

For Pathway 1, you will submit an Add On Endorsement application directly to the state of Washington. For information, go to the OSPI website.

For Pathway 2: We are not accepting Pathway 2 applications for the 2014-2015 school year.

  1. Complete the application for an add-on endorsement ) and include a non-refundable processing fee for $40, made out to PLU.
  2. Complete OSPI state endorsements form 4422.
  3. Sign up and complete the relevant WEST-E assessment. The West-E does not need to be passed to begin the endorsement process. To begin preparing for the WEST-E assessment, we recommend reviewing:
    1. The relevant Washington state endorsement competency outline
    2. Test summary and framework & free practice tests (scroll to the appropriate test at the bottom of the hyperlinked webpage)
  4. Include copies of all unofficial transcripts
  5. Submit a copy of your valid Washington state Teaching Certificate
  6. Mail completed application and all materials to : Pacific Lutheran University/Attn: Partnerships & Professional Development/12180 Park Ave. S/ Tacoma, WA 98447-0003

Pathway 3: Complete endorsement coursework, pass the WEST-E in the endorsement area and successfully complete a pedagogy assessment through an approved program such as PLU.  We offer Special Education, English Language Learners and World Languages in this pathway via our  Summer Endorsements program.

If you are planning to complete your add on endorsement this academic year, please note that you would need to have completed your application and be ready to do your pedagogy assessment by March 15. Summer Endorsements priority application deadline is March 1st.  Applications will continue to be reviewed through May 3rd as space allows.

Washington State Requirements for adding endorsements are “endorsement dependent”, meaning that requirements will vary depending on which endorsement(s) is/are currently held, and which are to be added. You can view a list of standards for each endorsement area by clicking here.


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