average 1st year salary $53,000
Program Length one year June to June
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The Alternative Routes to Certification program is designed for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree, bring prior experience in schools or content expertise from a career, and are seeking a certification to teach Elementary or Secondary Education. The program runs for one year, beginning in June, and provides the base tools to become an effective educator in a classroom.

There are multiple endorsement options, which are content based specialties (elementary, history, math, science, world language, etc.) that students will teach upon graduating from the program. Further information on all endorsements can be found on the education website. Depending on state requirements for respective endorsements, students may need to complete additional coursework before entering the program.

The program schedule is designed for students to complete intensive summer coursework which includes field work and continuing courses through fall semester with practicum to prepare students for their final spring semester when they will complete 15 weeks of student teaching, which involves facilitating a classroom on their own.